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Meet The Greek TreatBox

We strongly believe that the Greek products rank amongst the best in the world. Founded in 2020, The Greek Treatbox aims to connect people all over the world with premium Greek products made by local producers.

Three factors guarantee the top quality of local Greek products: The sun of Greece, the sea and the rich heritage our producers hold within them. Passed down generation through generation all the way back from ancient Greece, they have the knowledge and the expertise of the Greek land.

This is the reason why we decided to create two monthly subscription boxes. The first contains 10 premium products from all over Greece. The latter is filled with 12 famous Greek snacks.

What's in your Christmas Box

What's in your Beauty Box

What's in your Island Box

What's in your Coffee Box

What's in your December's Traditional Box

What's in your December's Snack Box - Childhood Memories Special Edition

What's in your Organic Box

What's in your Breakfast Box

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How To Make An Order?

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  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

    Treat yourself like a Greek!

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