We proudly present some of the Greek small producers that feature their products in our boxes




Stefanos Papastergiou – AEONS

Stefanos Papastergiou - AEONSAIΩNES / AEONS is specialized in the production of premium olive products & fine foods. Through years of experience in cultivating olives and handling high quality agricultural products, AEONS has developed into an internationally operating enterprise with a high level of expertise, with specialization in the supply of food wholesalers and retailers in Europe, USA & Canada.

Years of experience and thorough knowledge of agricultural products are the main characteristics of AEONS team, which consists of food enthusiasts, experts, scientists and farmers. Our key to success is: the huge diversity of knowledge, tastes, backgrounds and age, among us.

Our team shares the same passion and values: Love for the land, respect for nature and assurance of superior quality.

At AEONS, we assure that we offer consumers not just an excellent product, but a higher experience. Because…

“Excellence lies in the details”





Xristina Kotopoulou – Mama Irene Pasta

A home where mum Irene taught us to choose pure ingredients, to insist on quality, pay attention to details and respect tradition.

Her journey began in 1987, when she and her mum started creating and selling their handmade premium pasta at Grandpa’s old grocery store. With traditional Pontian recipes, fermented with ‘’meraki’’, they were dried for days upon white sheets. Then, baking following for many hours in order to acquire a golden color and taste of wonderful crispy dough. Our famous baked pasta that everyone was looking forward to tasting!

Today, with the same dedication, we continue to produce a variety of healthy, tasty pasta to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Respecting to your trust, we constantly strive to improve, with undiminished passion, fresh ideas and initiative! We are proud to sell our products in the grocery stores of the world and we are committed to those who know and to those who want to know!

Changing diets… Eating healthily!