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Beauty Box


•We have joint forces with some of the best Greek cosmetic firms to bring you an amazing box!

•Introducing the Beauty Box 📦

•Filled with Greek Beauty products!

The Beauty Box contains :

1. Olympus Tea deep Detox cleansing cloths

2. Natural Aegean Sea Sponge

3. Santorini Vine Showergel

4. Coconut Body Scrub

5. Vegan Body Wash

6. Honey Face Mask

7. Bilberry Face Scrub

8. Mango Body Cream

9. Aloe – Wheat – Honey Hair Mask

10. Black Detox Cleansing Gel

11. Olive Oil Hand Cream

12. Pure Green Olive Oil Soap

Gift : Greek Summer Beauty Bag

Treat Yourself Like a Greek !

Breakfast Box


What is really the Greek breakfast? What products Greeks use to have on their breakfast table?
This is the answer! This is the Breakfast Box!

Join this Greek Breakfast experience!

The Breakfast Box contains :
1. Traditional Mountain Tea
2. Tsoureki with Mastic
3. Homemade Peanut butter
4. Koulourakia / Traditional Cookies
5. Tahini
6. Greek Honey – Cranberry Bar
7. Pine Honey
8. Rusks with Cretan Carob Flour
9. Greek Coffee
10. Fig Jam

Treat Yourself Like a Greek!

Christmas Box


The Christmas Box is coming to town !
Full of Greek Traditional Christmas goodies!
Delivered to your door quickly and super fresh!

The Christmas Box contains :
1. Traditional Christmas Vasilopita
2. Hot Cocoa
3. Christmas Cookies
4. Kourabies – Greek Cookies with Butter and Almonds
5. Melomakarona – Greek Honey Cookies with Walnuts
6. Secret Christmas Gift
7. Christmas Card with your Wishes.

We proudly announce that we will donate 2€ for every sold Christmas Box to the biggest Greek organisation for helping children ‘Το χαμόγελο του παιδιού’ (Children’s Smile).
Because, only together we can make this world a better place.

Treat Yourself Like a Greek !

Coffee Box


The Coffee Box contains :

1. Nescafé Frappe

2. Nescafé Frappe Decaf

3. Frappe Mixer

4. Loumidis Greek Coffee

5. Loumidis Greek Coffee Decaf

6. Traditional Greek Coffee Pot

7. Traditional Koulouraki

8. Traditional Loukoumi with Mastic

Always with a secret Greek Gift in every Box!

Treat yourself like a Greek!

Island Box


Introducing the new Island Box!
Special Premium products exclusively from the Islands of Greece!
The Island Box contains :
1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Crete
2. Traditional Pasta / Lemnos
3. Mastich Submarine Sweet / Chios
4. Bar with Sunflower Seeds / Crete
5. Traditional Loukoumi / Chios
6. Original Nougat / Syros
7. Balsamic Cream / Paros
8. Olive Oil Cretan Rusks / Crete
9. Grape Spoon Sweet / Chios
10. Honey with Thyme & Pine / Crete
Always with a secret gift from Greece in every Box!
Treat Yourself Like a Greek !

Organic Box


We have searched a lot and finally we present to you some of the best certified premium organic products in Greece!

We bring to you carefully selected high quality gourmet, natural and organic delicacies from all over Greece.

This is the Organic Box!
The Organic Box contains :
1. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. Mountain Tea
3. Oregano
4. Greek Coffee
5. Green Olive spread
6. Halva with honey
7. Sundried Tomatoes
8. Pine Honey
9. Trahana with Vegetables
10. Lentils

Treat Yourself Like a Greek!

Snack Box

From: 39.00

The October’s Snack Box contains :

1. Pitsinia

2. Tsoureki with Mousse Cocoa

3. Mini Wafers

4. Sesame Bar

5. Vissinada / Sour Cherry Juice

6. Milk Chocolate with Cherry Filling

7. Caprice Wafer Rolls

8. Sandwich Biscuits

9. Cheese Crackers

10. Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts

11. Amita Motion Fruit Juice

12. Mediterranean Crackers

13. Merenda Hazelnut Spread

Always with a secret Greek Gift in every Box!

Treat yourself like a Greek!

Traditional Box

From: 49.00
The October’s Traditional Box contains :
1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. Olive Oil Rusks
3. Greek Koulouraki
4. Chamomile
5. Ionian Islands Honey
6. Kalamata Olives
7. Wholegrain Homemade Peanut Butter
8. Roasted Red Peppers
9. Balsamic Vinegar from Meteora
10. Kataifi Rolls
Always with a secret Greek gift in every box!
Treat Yourself Like A Greek!