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Snack Box

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•This is the December’s Snack Box Childhood Memories Edition!
15 iconic and legendary Greek Snacks and Drinks!
•A nostalgic journey back to our childhood years with all the snacks and drinks that we used to taste when we were younger!
The June’s Snack Box Childhood Memories Edition contains:
1. Candy Balls with Ouzo flavor
2. Pick Batonettes
3. Croissant with Cocoa Cream
4. Corn – Peanut – Hazel Snack
5. Petit Beurre Biscuits
6. Crisp Rice Chocolate Bar
7. Aromatic Pastilles / Rantevou
8. Kiss Chocolate
9. Chocofreta
10. Sour Cherry Drink
11. Gazoza / Lemon Soda
12. Milk Chocolate with Almonds
13. Big Babol Gums
14. Bitter Sweet Chocolate
15. Miranda Classic Biscuits
Treat yourself like a Greek!


Traditional Box

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